AWAM Amenities aims to help its customers by providing the best solutions in relation to the image they want to convey and the budget they intend to invest. We have a young, dynamic and professional team and we are willing to take advantage of all our experience at your service in order to build a strong and lasting partnership.

The company has built its reputation and expertise in the implementation of innovative and well designed hotels amenities. Our range contains a variety of enriched cosmetic ingredients for shampoos, shower gels, body lotions and soaps. All our formulations are carefully selected to reach a highly scented product with pleasant textures thatnourishes both the skin and the senses. Our various lines are complete and varied with the complementary range that includes shower cap, sewing kit, shoe shine and many other items.

We have performed all the required tests on products to be in full compliance with the prescriptive requirements of the EU. Our products supplied are of the highest quality that meet our client's specific requirements whilst embracing their economic interests.

Having made the choice to locate our factory in Tunisia, AWAM Amenities aims to be a major player in the industry of hotel supplies in the Mediterranean region and Europe in the next five years. To achieve our objectives, we regularly invest in new formulations and we do not skimp to invest in new equipment in which we believe there can be an added value and to adapt to new market trends.

Our offices in France and Morocco make the link between our manufacturing and our customers. An on-site team takes care of all the documentation and approvals required for the marketing of our products in full compliance with local legislations.

AWAM Amenities adopts a continuous improvement strategy based on customer focus and mastery of technology.