Preserve and protect the environment plays an important part in our business philosophy and it is with this spirit that we wish to bring a positive change in the market for hotel amenities.

Our cosmetic products are made with great care and attention with regard to ingredients, revised and improved continuously. We are always looking for suppliers who share with us the same values ??and vision in every way in our production line.

Our respectful approach to the environment extends to all aspects of our products : liquids are blended from high quality biodegradable ingredients and enriched with natural and organic extracts and packaged in recyclable packaging, We only use vegetable-based soaps we use the minimum possible preservatives and none of our products contain parabens, our cartons packaging are made with recycled and recyclable materials.

Our production operates in accordance with the latest standards and requirements of the European Union in this area, our hotel cosmetics and accessories developed in our research laboratory underwent dermatological tests and other tests required not to endanger the health consumer while being superior.

We are committed to sustainable development in all our activities, thus all our processes are continuously reviewed and evaluated to reduce the negative effects that our operations may have on the environment.